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Following A Man

When I stood, by the grace of God, in the common ground of King James Bible onlyists, with which Dr. Peter S. Ruckman was one of the prominent advocates, someone messaged me a verse that I suppose to obey God rather than man. I was a little bit disturbed by that reproof. Am I obeying man rather than God when I upheld God’s inspired and preserved Word, which is the King James Bible? It came automatic in my mind that that person is a complete hypocrite at a higher level because no civilized person in this present generation who’s not a student or a teacher to somebody, unless he is a mentally retarded individual.

I also visited a pastor friend months ago and suggested to him some kind of principle from a popular theologian from the famous Bible Seminary in the US, but with an unthankful attitude, he was suggesting that I might have followed a principle from an apostate teacher, as if I am careless of whom to listen to, which he himself even didn’t know who’s that theologian am I referring to. My friend wasn’t a reader, by the way, and he just kept telling me I should watch out with the teachers I am learning from. Really, if only my intention of visiting him is to win an argument, I would have told him that he should be careful too in listening to his senior pastor because he was just also a man.

My point is, it wasn’t wrong to follow a good man. Throughout these years, I had learned that those people who are always using the statement “you are following a man” and blindly taking “we should obey God rather than man” out of context are probably dictators to the Lord’s flock, if they are pastors. They just loved to be heard and proudly refused to be taught by others to whom they felt insecurity.

With regards to Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, if others mockingly call me a ruckmanite because I’m standing in the camp grounds of King James Onlyists, I would accept that as a badge of honor. Regarding the controversial Bible teacher, I haven’t scratched the surface yet of his life and teachings, but I believe this is the man who’s worthy to be followed, (excluding his faults, which all of us have). There’s no perfect theologian, anyway. The Pharisaical elites only could claim that.

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