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Internet Radio

You may wonder why we bother on launching an Internet Radio which is less appreciated these days in our videographic generation. While it is true that Radio seems obsolete today, it should never be despised. There may be more people who got saved in the past by listening on audios than on videos of today. You bet I am right. The reason why audio materials is not popular today is because people were spoon-feed with somebody’s imagination rather than manufacturing their own. No wonder why our attention span is too short these days. Listening to an audio sermon for an hour would put many people to sleep.

Smart phones dominated our techno-world today. Most family under one roof should have at least one smart phone. Didn’t that interest you? I understand how you treasure your mega load. However, watching videos or facebooking is more consuming than audio streaming does. According to the research, normal-quality music streaming uses 1.20MB per minute or 72MB per hour on average. Won’t people spare 72mb for an hour of blessedness instead of just scrolling down through their Facebook newsfeed aimlessly? I was hoping they would spend some time on the things that are more excellent, though it cost them something.